Learn how to model and texture an old ruined Temple in this 19 chapter tutorial series by instructor Darryll Reynolds. Software used for modelling is modo and the multi-layer textures are created in Photoshop.
12+ Hours of video tutorials
All modo and Photoshop files included
Advance Beginner to Intermediate
Digital Download
Special Reduced Price !$43.00
Models for use with Vue Digital Nature software
The Best range of Ruins models availabe for Vue
Single models or cost effective model collections - includes Ruins, Ta Prohm and Outback Farm collections
Suitable for Vue versions from 6 onwards, except Frontier. Provided in the Vue .vob format as complete models
Materials include Groundcover Sets 1 & 2, Coastal Groundcover, eco-systems and atmospheres
Construction Kits allow you to create your own unique images - includes Ruins Construction Kits 1 & 2
Digital download, includes installation instructions