FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Installation of Vue Model or Material Files

Any Vue packages provided by GameBox do not 'self-install' allowing you to choose the location you want to install them. This makes it easier to find when using Vue and also to back up your purchased products.

All GameBox Vue packages consist of one or more 'object' file/s which are all self-contained. Because of this, the file/s can be installed in any suitable location or folder on your system. View our detailed   Vue Installation Instructions here.

Please view our License for Use topic below for full details of acceptable use.
Installation and Use of Tutorial Video Files

All tutorial video files are provided in mp4 format at 1280 px by 720 px resolution. As such they are viewable from any player capable of playing mp4 format files.

Due to the size of the files that make up a complete tutorial, the download is broken down into several files of about 200 mb to 300 mb each and provided in a .zip package. All download files will need to be unzipped before use using a suitable utility. Windows systems have this facility as part of the operating system or you can download one of many free applications from the Internet.

We recommend creating a new folder on your system then moving all unzipped files to that location. All tutorial files are named as progressively numbered chapters eg. Chapter01, Chapter02, and should be viewed in that order for the best experience.

Please view our License for Use topic below for full details of acceptable use.

License for Use of GameBox Models and Tutorials

You are not allowed to copy, lend, redistribute, sell, lease, or license the content purchased on this site in any form. It is licensed for your personal use only and can be installed on one desktop system and one mobile (laptop/notebook) system simultaneously. Ownership and copyright is retained by GameBox Studios for all products available for sale except where a product has been brokered for a third party artist.

Please respect the time and effort GameBox Studios have put into producing these models by respecting our copyright.

Download of your Purchased Products

After successful purchase you will be provided with a download link for all your purchased files. This link is sent to you via your registered email address and is also available after logging in to your GameBox Studios account. Download links are only active for three days after purchase and you are allowed three downloads per file.

Should you have any issues regarding your purchased products, please contact   GameBox Support.

If you wish to contact GameBox Studios regarding any other questions :  
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