Modelling and Texturing Old Ruins - modo Tutorial
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Suitable for novice to intermediate level users, skills covered include :

- basic planning and model layout
- shader tree naming and grouping for ease of use
- modelling methods from simple to intermediate level
- creating UV maps in modo
- creating textures for UV maps using PhotoShop
- using photo images as a base for textures
- advanced texture blending in PhotoShop
Learn how to model, UV Map and texture an old Cambodian temple using modo 401 / modo 501 and Photoshop.

In this project based tutorial the instructor, Darryll Reynolds, takes
you through the process of modelling, UV mapping and texturing an
aged Cambodian Temple. It will teach you how to model medium poly
stones, steps and other temple components then transform them using
textures created in Photoshop.

Additional aspects covered include use of modo's UV mapping tools, use
of photographic textures and blending of multiple textures in
Photoshop to produce very detailed surfaces.
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Tutorial :
  Total Running Time :741 minutes (12 hours 41 minutes)
  Chapters :19
  Video Resolution :1280 px by 720 px
  Video Format :MP4
  Download Size :2.4 GB in 11 zip files
  Player :Any player capable of playing MP4 files
  User Level :Beginner to Intermediate
Optional Downloads :
  modo and Photoshop files :348 MB
  Bonus texture files :98 MB
01 - Introduction, Planning and References
02 - Edge Steps - UVs
03 - Edge Steps - Textures
04 - Temple Walls
05 - Temple Walls - UVs
06 - Temple Walls - Textures
07 - Columns & Entrances
08 - Columns & Entrances - UVs
09 - Columns & Entrances - Textures
10 - Tiled Roof & Carving
11 - Tiled Roof & Carving - UVs
12 - Tiled Roof & Carving - Textures
13 - Temple Blocks Level 1
14 - Level 1 Textures, Floor & Grime
15 - Level 2 Blocks
16 - Level 2 Blocks & Textures
17 - Top Level Blocks & Textures
18 - Paving & Rubble
19 - Final Texturing
Darryll Reynolds of GameBox Studios, Australia, has been in game
development since the 1980's and as such, has seen and used a
lot of content development tools and techniques over that period.

A long time modo user, Darryll has developed a large range of textured
models commercially available for use with Vue Digital Nature software.
A number of these models are of ancient ruined temples and buildings
especially those from Cambodia, which has formed the basis of this