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Our Great GroundCover materials have been designed especially for close up detail rendering being based on high resolution digital photographs of actual groundcover types. They are best matched to close up set scenes rather than for use as materials for distant terrains although they can be used in that way.

Includes a four page PDF with images and information on all the materials, suggestions for use and sample renders of some of the materials.
  1. Nine unique ground cover types for use in many environments
  2. GroundCover Moss, GroundCover Bark, GroundCover Grey Dirt
  3. GroundCover Swamp, GroundCover Grass, GroundCover Leaves
  4. GroundCover Stones, GroundCover Ivy Weeds, GroundCover Dry Grass
  5. Can be combined with our Great Groundcover Pack 2
  6. Can be used effectively with all our Ruins models
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