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This is our second pack of Great GroundCover Materials and continues our range of high detail materials for close up rendering. It consists of nine new offerings including new Eco-Cover materials as well as our original solid GroundCover materials. Where a standard GroundCover is predominantly one foliage type, Eco-Cover is a blended eco-system of several plants, twigs, moss and the base ground.

They are also twice the resolution of standard GroundCover materials giving greater flexibility in use.
  1. Nine new high detail materials suitable for close up rendering
  2. Introduces Eco-Cover materials which are blends of several vegetation types
  3. Four Eco-Cover and five standard GroundCover materials
  4. Includes 4 page PDF document detailing materials and their use
  5. Can be used with our Ruins models and Outback Collection
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