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Price (AUD)$11.99 
This is our third pack of GroundCover Materials and features eight unique coastal materials suitable for beaches, hidden coves and tropical islands. Coastal Groundcover also includes 2 FREE Vue models - Wharf Posts and Decaying Boat - that can be used to add atmosphere to your Coastal Groundcovers or used separately.

Our Great GroundCover materials have been designed especially for close up detail rendering being based on high resolution digital photographs of actual groundcover types.
  1. High resolution textures designed for close up or distant rendering
  2. The pack contains 8 materials
  3. Sand and Debris, Sand with Footprints, Clean untouched Sand
  4. Sand with Rain Spatter, Sand with Bird Footprints, Sand Clean and Damp
  5. Sand with Shells and Stone, Scuffed Sand
  6. Two FREE models included - Wharf Posts and Decaying Boat
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