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Deep in the Cambodian jungle near the Ankgor Wat temple complex lies the ruined and overgrown Ta-Prohm temple precinct complete with collapsing walls, gopuras (entrance building), enclosed galleries and decaying temples. Our model depicts a ruined gopura, part of the temple precinct wall and various piles of stone rubble ready to be populated with thick jungle vegetation, vines and strangler fig trees. It uses over 40 high resolution textures making it suitable for close up or distant renders.

It can be used as a complete model for layouts or broken down into several items that can be used together or separately.
  1. Can be used as a complete layout or as separate components
  2. Entrance Gopura and ruined stone walkway
  3. Ruined wall with engraved entrance
  4. Pile of fallen wall blocks
  5. Two distinct rubble piles and vegetation mounds
  6. Can be value purchased as part of our Ta Prohm Ruins Collection
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