Ruins !
We specialize in Ruins! GameBox Studios have one of the most extensive ranges of Ruins models available for Vue. Avaialble as individual models or in economical Collections, it includes our Ta Prohm collection, Medieval Church and Ultimate Ruins Collection. We are continually adding unique and bizare Ruins models...
Collections are groupings of several individual models into a single product package that is sold at a substancial discount over the cost of the separate pieces. We have combined some of our most popular models into themed Collections.
Construction Sets
We have developed special 3D meshes to be used as components in building your own unique end models for times when you cannot find the exact finished model to suit your scene. These components can be duplicated, combined together and arranged to create exactly what you need. Then they can be saved out as a new model to be used again and again.
Our materials have been developed as esentially 2D components to be used to map onto your terrains or used within an EcoSystem within Vue. All materials are fully tileable and are bump-mapped to produce a more realistic result.
Bonuses !
To provide a something extra for our customers, check out the Bonuses on marked products. From time to time we add no cost extras to selected models. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to be advised of our Bonuses and other news.