25 July, 2013
Battlecruiser SKULL 57
Battlecruiser Skull 57 is a highly detailed model of an ageing capital ship that has seen better days. Although old, it still sports three multi-barrel fast-fire gattling lasers mounted at the front and four major 500 kw Shock-Laser turrets This ship also boasts one of the first installations of the mid-mounted plasma-drive system that is now common with all capital ships.

Skull 57 features :

- high resolution, rusted and decaying hull textures
- high resolution specular maps
- ideal for animation sequences
- excellent for still renders

This is the first model in our 'Galactic Backwater' series, look for new additions in the coming weeks.
25 July, 2013
Below the city streets and bustling traffic, there exists the eerie and dangereous subterranean world of 'The Sewers'. What lives down here, what danger threatens any intruder from the world above ?

The Sewers is a set of five detailed self-contained enviroments that can be used separately or joined together in one continuous environment. Each scene is suitable for detailed still rendering or the complete five scenes can be used for your animations.

As well as the five sewer environments there is a detailed pdf document outlining light placement and strategy for various effects, together with light types, power levels and suggested settings.

Dare you enter ?
Please advise me when these products are released....